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Being Digital and participating in the Digital Economy

Does your company have Digital Products for the Digital Economy? Digital Productisation.

Digital Products for the Digital Economy

It should be clear by now to observers of how businesses who are being successful are changing. For them Digital is not just another name for Technology or a Delivery Channel but it is a Pervasive Customer…


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Book Review: "Heroku Up and Running"

The Heroku Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables developers to deploy web applications to a cloud-based host.  This small book (it is a mere 83 pages long), explains the concepts behind Heroku and how to get the most from it.

The book does a good job at covering Heroku and its related concepts.  It turns out that Heroku is quite a small and simple system, so the…


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Lightning talk at Agile Cambridge 2012 on Personal Discipline through kanban

Lightning talk at Agile Cambridge 2012 on Personal Discipline through kanban

Every now and then considerable events occur with and around us. We can either take notice and think about these or keep our concentration to the results of higher value.

While wrapping up this particular week on  a Friday evening (as captured in the photo - look carefully :)), I realized that drinking a glass of milk will give me the required nutritious value. Before placing it on the…


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Building High Performance Agile Teams at Agile Cambridge 2012 Conference

Here are the high level details of our session at Agile Cambridge 2012 conference.

Session Title

Building High Performance Agile Teams 

Session Type

Experience Report


90 minutes…


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Agile Cambridge - My Day 2

Day 2

After far too little sleep, again I got the first bus out of Haverhill off to Cambridge, luckily not feeling bad after too much beer.

Arriving about 8.30ish, I chatted with a couple of people from the previous day, and we went through for the second Keynote, Building Trust in Agile Teams - Rachel Davies. Rachel is the co-author of Agile Coaching, and talked a lot about trust. What is trust, how do we trust people (both socially and in the work environment), and how… Continue

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Agile Cambridge - My Day 1

With much excitement I left Haverhill on the first bus of the day in order to go to the conference. There was method to this madness, since the plan was drinks in the evening, and I wasn't going to pass that opportunity up.

I left with laptop, plan of the sessions I ideally wanted to achieve, and the bits for my lightning talk.

I arrived at Murray Edwards College around 8.30, and found those of my colleagues (Beth Jones and Conny Brunkvist) who were also attending. Also… Continue

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Certified SCRUM Master/Product Owner, are these qualifications worth it?

Has anyone become a Certified Scrum Master or Product Owner? If so, are these certifications worth the time and money and do employers actually value them? I am one of those Agile practioners who values experience over qualifications and wondered if it was worth getting one of these certifications to add to my many years of working on agile projects

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