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Hi folks,

What do people think of the following possible topics for the rest of 2011's sessions:

Continuous Deployment / Delivery
Software Craftsmanship
Dealing with Technical Debt
Wolf pack programming
Developing for IPad

And some possible business topics

Getting the most from AdWords
Low-budget software start-up
10 things you should know about software sales
10 things you should know about software product management

More suggestions welcome...

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Personally I feel Continuous Deployment would be a nice follow on from all the Agile talks. Software craftmanship is also a great idea.


As for the business topics, I'd like to see the low-budget start-up and both 10 things...



Thanks Carl, sounds like at least we're thinking along the same lines.


A good topic would be a review of the various open source automated testing tools (pros, cons, experiences). A general topic on testing would be good as agile teams approach testing totally different to traditional waterfall teams i.e. they leave the testing to a designated BA/Tester. How can all the team members (BAs, Developers, Testers)  contribute to testing?

Hi Mark,

 it would be good to see something on BDD and specification by example, for me this is the key which ties agile development together end to end



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